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You Groove Drum Coaching is dedicated to finding the best way for you to learn the art of drumming, and to helping you improve your playing. ​We all learn in different ways, which is why You Groove will take the time to find the approach that best suits you. From the very beginning, learning to play drums is made fun and easy.
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I discovered my love for drumming at 7 years old and am still as passionate now as I was then. With over 20 years of performing experience and personal study, that passion has now extended to sharing what I've learned by providing quality private tuition.

When it comes to teaching, I feel fervently committed to providing a personal and fun teaching experience for each student that will equip them to confidently play and enjoy music in a live band situation. It's important to me that each student fully understands each task so that they can enjoy the learning process and be inspired to take it further. 
I provide a simple approach to learning, with content that is 100% useful in a real
musical situation.

At You Groove Drums, we have built a culture of drummers (of all ages) that support and encourage each other to grow and improve. To feel confident and excited about where they are on their drumming time line. The drums are only as good as what you bring out of them, and with regular practise you will be creating your sound, your ideas, your art.  

Whatever style of music you want to learn or whatever your level of experience, you will benefit from what I have to share coupled with my commitment to your progress and development.
Over the years I have performed with a multitude of Sydney recording artists and performing bands including: One Hit Wonders, The Australian Keith Urban Tribute Show, leading Sydney corporate band Big Radio Dynamite and award winning Singer/Songwriter Ryan Day to name a few. Having played Musicals, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Worship, Tribute Shows, Originals, Recording Studios, I am confident that I have the knowledge and experience set you on the right path to achieve your goals. If I don't know how to play it, we'll learn it together!

 Need a drummer for your next gig or project ?
I am an experienced professional drummer with an unfeigned passion for music, performance and having
a great time doing it. Every job is an important one, and my attention to detail and enthusiasm is all part
​of a natural dedication to providing the best possible performance.

Whether it's in the studio or a live performance, my first priority is to serve the song. Playing only what needs to be played, creating and maintining a solid foundation, and leaving space for the other musicians.
I like to create the right feel and groove. Playing right there in the pocket.

In my professional approach, every gig (big or small) deserves the best that you can give. I believe that good communication, preparation and having fun are the keys to a great gig.​ 

 Have your drums tuned to perfection
Do you struggle to tune your drums properly? Call You Groove Drums to have them tuned to perfection and sounding their best. A properly tuned and assembled drum set doesn’t only sound better,
it’s easier to play!

Tuning is an art that most drummers ignore because it can be a challenging, time consuming and highly frustrating task. Let us take the frustration from you and have your drums sounding just the way you want them to. I can work with you to get the sounds you are looking for. 

Tuning will generally hold for a while; however, individual playing style, age of drumheads, temperature and frequency of use are factors that directly effect the tuning of your drums. If you want to stick around while I tune your kit, I can give you some pointers so you ​can start to have some fun exploring tuning on your own.

Whether it's your kit at home, or you want your kit to sound great for that up-coming gig or studio session; or the kit at your church or school needs a service.
​Call us today to come in and tune 'em up.

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